Getting Started

What’s it like to live in Flipco?

In short, pretty awesome. Want to have social time? You can do that. Need some more space for yourself? Of course, you can do that too. We welcome extroverts and introverts. The layouts of our apartments ensure that there is always plenty of space for you to recede to. The community is our top priority, so we have several events for our members to participate in including board game nights, dinners, networking events, brainstorming sessions, project presentations and many more!

What is co-living?

Coliving is a housing approach where residents (colivers) share different spaces, interests, values and interactions. Fully furnished homes, conceived by and for a millennial generation that values collaboration, networking, and being part of an inspiring environment.

Can I use Flipco as my permanent address?

You can use the address whenever you want as long as you are still with an ongoing contract with us 🙂

Who uses Flipco?

The Flipco Community is a diverse network of professionals from all over the world. Most Flipco users are what we call location flexible professionals, and they take into account far more kinds of jobs and situations than you may think.

What is a FLIPCO member?

When you live with Flipco, you’re a member, not a tenant. Beyond just finding you the right home, we want to make sure you feel at home. There’s never a dull moment with our Flipco members, who come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. What’s more, our gamut of exciting events means you’ll get to meet and engage with new friends whenever you want!

What services does my membership include?

Our all-inclusive membership plans guarantee a fully-furnished home, utilities, unlimited Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning of common areas, maintenance, community events and the assistance of our friendly Community Managers whenever you need.

Is Flipco pet-friendly?

As much as we love animals, Flipco homes don’t allow pets for now. Stay tuned because we’ll be opening pet friendly locations soon 🙂

How it works

What is the process to book a room?

Find a home, apply for a room, we’ll evaluate your profile and have a chat to ensure you’ll get access to the best match for you. After the chat, or a viewing if needed, you will receive an email with the payment instructions. Once the booking is completed we will issue an electronic tenancy agreement and invoice. As soon as those are complete your room is officially yours!

Where are my check-in instructions?

You will receive your check-in instructions via email 4-7 days prior to your check-in. Make sure you whitelist to make sure you receive the email.
Your check-in email will include the home address, contact information for the Home Manager, parking information, digital access codes, information on your room, how to keep up with events, and house rules.

When I arrive, when can I move in?

You can move in on any date in the month, we’ll leave the room ready by 2pm on your move in date. You’ll access your home through your digital key, which will enable you to move in whenever you want (if on the first day of your stay, after 2pm). Please consult your Home manager if you expect to arrive outside the general check-in times.

Can I drop my luggage off before check-in?

While check-in isn’t until 2PM, you can coordinate with your House Manager to drop off your bags before. Information for contacting them will be sent in your check-in email.

What amenities and appliances are provided?

All our properties feature a Smart TV (40” to 50”), Superfast Wifi, furnishing, washing machine and comprehensive kitchenware (including fridge, crockery, cutlery, utensils and kitchen knives, pots and pans, cooking dishes, serving dishes, glassware, mugs, coffee press, kettle, toaster, hob,  microwave, oven, freezer and tumble dryer are provided). Please check individual listings for information about additional apartment amenities and condo facilities as these vary by property.

How does Flipco match flatmates?

The Flipco team meets all flatmates through the viewing process and we will chat to you to understand more about you and what you’re looking for in fellow flatmates.

Is cooking allowed in the house?

Yes! In fact, cooking is encouraged, especially with fellow housemates.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/relative etc. visit and stay over?

This is your home, so you can have guests come over. You just have to give heads up to others in your apartment, so they are not surprised. Also, if the duration of a temporary stay is longer than 2-3 days, let the ops team know, and we will take it on a case by case basis.

What if I want my friends to come over for dinner?

You are welcome to invite friends over for lunch, dinner, etc. Just give others a heads up and be mindful of the noise after 10 pm. You can always take the fun to a general area with closed doors.

Are there any house rules?

We ask that all tenants behave in a respectful manner towards each other, this includes keeping the noise down after 10pm on weekdays and 12 midnight at weekends and always informing other flatmates if you intend to have guests over. After signing the contract you will receive an email with all the rules.


Is it possible to get to know my flatmates before I move in?

As much as possible, we’ll arrange your viewings such that you get to meet your potential housemates.

How does Flipco’s Referral Program work?

Flipco’s Referral Program is a fantastic way for any Flipco member to earn Flipco Credit toward future stays. For each friend you bring, we will deduct 100€ from your next monthly payment.

What type of community life can I expect?

There’s never a dull moment with our Flipco members, who come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. What’s more, our gamut of exciting events means you’ll get to meet and engage with new friends whenever you want!

What’s expected of me?

Flipco is a shared living community, so keeping the place clean and helping others is very appreciated. We have a very high standard for service and cleanliness, so the home must be maintained well. Also, please respect other members and their property. We also ask each new member to accept our member guidelines before moving into Flipco.

Homes / Rooms

What accessories are included in Flipco apartments? Do I need to bring anything?

We try to provide as many standard accessories as possible, so you don’t have to worry or bring anything when you move in. From kitchen appliances to utensils, cutlery, vases, mixers, toast machines, plates, pans, cups, steam irons and more. Moreover, pillows and duvets are also included.

Do all your properties come furnished?

Yes, all our properties come comprehensively furnished. As a minimum you can expect in the communal areas: dining table and chairs, sofa and armchair, coffee table, smart TV, shelving unit and decorative accessories. In the bedrooms: queen sized bed, bedside table, bedside lamp, study/work desk with lamp and wardrobe.

Can you remove the furniture if I provide my own?

We’re not able to remove any of the furniture provided but if there is space in your personal bedroom you’re welcome to add additional small items of furniture (as long as they don’t require any fixing to the walls).

How big are the private rooms?

We don’t focus on square meters. Our approach is to provide enough room to sleep on a comfy bed, of at least 1,20m wide, include a generous wardrobe and a work/study desk in a place where you can throw a yoga mat and practice yoga privately 🙂

How big are Flipco Homes?

Most of our homes are around 150 m2. Each has a beautiful kitchen, big living room and dining areas, giving you plenty of space to hang out. Washing and drying machines are always offered in our homes.

How many people live in each Flipco home?

Depending on the size of the apartment, there are 4 to 20 people in each house, meaning that each member typically has around 40m2 of total space. Each member has their own furnished room.

What internet speed do you have?

All Flipco properties have wifi, which ensures fast download speed and great signal strength throughout the property.

Are there TVs in the rooms?

All Flipco properties come with last generation smart TV’s in the common spaces.

Terms & Payments

How much does living in Flipco cost?

The price depends mostly on the city and the private room type that you choose.
You can also browse all our places with prices here. Please note that the prices include everything: from furnishing to utility bills, wi-fi, regular cleaning for common areas, etc. There are no hidden fees – you always only pay one bill a month, and that’s it.

What documents will Flipco require from me?

We will need the employment contract and/or certificate of studies, a copy of the ID card or passport, the last 2 pay slips and a certificate of your own or the guarantor’s bank account.

That’s it!

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, we need to hold on to 2 months’ worth of rent as deposit.

Will my security deposit be refunded immediately after I move out?

If there are no accident or damage cost incurred to you, your deposit will be refunded within 30 days after your move-out.

How long can I stay in Flipco?

You can stay as long as you want. Our contracts have a maximum length of just a bit less than a year.

Is there a minimum stay I have to commit to?

For now, our minimum lease period is 1 month.

Can my deposit be transferred to a different/overseas bank account?

Absolutely! We can refund your deposit to any account that you provide us with.

Can I pay my deposit/invoice after I move in?

We require the security deposit amount to be paid before your move in. Your invoice can be paid a few days after your move in (through your account from abroad or after you open your bank account).

Can I pay my deposit/invoice with a credit card?

Unfortunately we do not accept payment by credit card. Payment will be made by direct debit or bank transfer.

Do I need to serve notice if I choose to vacate my apartment?

Whether you’re leaving the country, relocating or would like to change your neighbourhood, you’ll have to inform us 30 days in advanced.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. If you moved in mid-month, your rent will be prorated from the day of the month you moved in with us.


How do I get in touch with a Home Manager?

If you are a member you can contact your home manager at

What do I do if I have an emergency in my Home?

We’ve prepared a contact list of emergency numbers you can contact behind the main door of your apartment. For other emergencies, you can send an email to

What maintenance does Flipco cover?

Flipco covers all maintenance in the property with exception of light bulb and battery replacement which is the responsibility of the tenant. To report  any maintenance issues in your property please email

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