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With the new private area you will be able to communicate more quickly and efficiently with the Flipco team, both for simple inquiries and to open important incidents. You will have all the information about your space, services, documents and you will even be able to communicate with other members of the community

The Flipco team will send you your username and password through your email

Discover everything you can find

The most important details about your space

The services available inside the apartment, WIFI and much more

Information about your nearby services

Hours, ways to access and more about the Flipco! gym and coworking

Flipco! Rules

To have a pleasant coexistence and maintain order in your space

Your incidents

If you have a problem in your room or in the common areas, request a review to solve it as soon as possible

Member chat

You will be able to contact other Flipco! colivers posting a message

The best plans of the month

Learn about local customs and get recommendations about the city, the neighborhood and places of interest

Direct messages with the Flipco! team

You can send a message with your request, question or doubt and our team will respond immediately

Important notices

You will receive important information about the maintenance of your space and upcoming events

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