What do we stand for

Making the world more sustainable. Share with people from all over the world, discover new cultures and see the world in a different way.

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Great locations

All our homes are located in top cities and have easy access to public transportation, restaurants, groceries shops, etc.

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We host lots of events every month, on the occasion of Spain’s cultural festivities

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Your happiness

We’ll always be there to help you out. Our staff will be available to make your life easier and let you enjoy your time doing the things you love the most.

Be inspired by others and improve your quality of life

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Sharing is always better
Roberta Calisti - Italy
“If you want to share incredible moments in an international environment, Flipco is what you are looking for.”
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Meaningful Connections

Connect with new people and make your projects happen in an environment specially designed to create connections.

The things that really matter are the things we do with others. That’s why all the spaces are designed to make community life easy and fun.

Flipco will allow you to meet people who are already established in the city and can help you connect with more groups and expand your network.

Comfort and convenience

Moving to a new city was never easier. Renting with us is an easy and fast as ordering food. We can provide everything you need to find the perfect home at a reasonable price without broker fees. Move in with just your luggage.

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Fully furnished

All our homes are carefully curated by our experts

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Private rooms

All our private rooms have a working / study desk to let you be as independent as you need.

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Fully equipped

Our high end kitchens, curanted living rooms, patios, terraces and other common spaces have all you need to take the most out of them whenever you need it.

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Weekly cleaning

Weekly cleaning of common areas. Live in a spotless home.

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Hi Speed WiFi

Enjoy blazing fast speeds in a super strong WiFi last generation network.

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Share common areas and memorable experiences with other passionate people. Access to a network of talented people throughout our homes.

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No hidden bills

Building expenses, electricity, water, cleaning of common areas and Internet is included in a single bill.

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Flexible leases

You can stay with us for as little as one month. No guarantor required. Our goal is to allow you to relocate as easy as ordering food.

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