August 2023 agenda

This August comes full of plans to enjoy the summer and free time. Here you will find the best plans to enjoy during this month in the city: soundtracks, movies, parties, theater, and more…

Take note and don’t miss out on them. Here we go!

Cakes da Killa (August 4th, 9:00 PM)

Cakes da Killa, the phenomenal rapper and queer artist, blends genres like hip-hop, rap, and dancehall. So get ready to dance, sing, and be carried away by Cakes da Killa’s unparalleled talent at La Casa Encendida. It will be a night full of intense emotions, laughter, tears, and deep connections. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this unique event and immerse yourself in the magic that will unfold on the stage.

La Casa Encendida (Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid)

Carlos Sadness (August 17th, 9:30 PM)

If you’re a fan of honest and immersive music, this event is a must-see. Carlos Sadness has the ability to create a deep connection with his audience, transporting us through his lyrics and making us feel a part of every story he tells. It will be an experience that will stay in our memories long after the stage lights go out. So mark the date on your calendar and get ready to immerse yourself in a universe of indie pop sounds.

Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque (C. del Conde Duque, 11, 28015 Madrid)

“Con-Cierto Flamenco” (August 23rd, 9:30 PM)

The flamenco concert at Teatro La Latina will give us the opportunity to enjoy the mastery of the artists on the stage. The dancers will showcase their impeccable technique and overflowing expressiveness, captivating our senses with every movement. The musicians, with their traditional instruments, will envelop us in evocative melodies that will transport us to distant lands. Whether you’re a flamenco enthusiast or simply looking to experience an unforgettable artistic event, this is a must-attend occasion.

Teatro La Latina (Pl. de la Cebada, 2, 28005 Madrid)

Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023 (September 1st and 2nd)

The countdown has begun! The Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023 is about to unleash two days filled with music, fun, and unforgettable emotions. The Coca-Cola Music Experience has become one of the most anticipated festivals of the year, bringing together renowned artists and thousands of eager fans to enjoy their favorite music in a vibrant atmosphere. And in this edition, it promises to exceed all expectations.

Nuevo Espacio de Festivales de Madrid (C. Laguna Dalga, 34A, 28021 Madrid)

Mamma Mia (all month)

The month of August at the Rialto Theater will be a continuous celebration, with multiple performances for you to enjoy this unparalleled spectacle. Make sure to book your tickets in advance, as demand will be high, and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to experience the excitement of “Mamma Mia” live. It will be an extravaganza of talent, with a cast of actors and actresses who will dazzle with their performances and spectacular voices.

Teatro Rialto Madrid (C/ Gran Vía, 54, 28013 Madrid)

WETnessday – Perreo Pride (August 2nd)

The perfect event for those who love reggaeton, perreo, and the liberation of body expression. In this party, seductive rhythms and provocative lyrics will fill the air, inviting you to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy a night of wildness and fun. Get ready to have a great time in a unique and energy-filled atmosphere.

Pirandello (C. de Ventura Rodríguez, 7, 28008 Madrid)

Asmara (August 25th, 9:00 PM)

Asmara, the talented DJ and producer, is known for her ability to blend genres and create an immersive musical experience. Her eclectic and cutting-edge style mixes electronic rhythms, afrobeat, dancehall, and much more. Her music is an explosion of contagious energy that will make you move your body from start to finish. This concert is an opportunity to let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, shake your body, and experience the liberation that only music can provide.

La Casa Encendida (Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid)

“La Joie Vivre” – Malik Sidibé (all month)

Immerse yourself in Malik Sidibé’s unique and evocative perspective in the exhibition “La joie de vivre,” taking place throughout the month at Leica Store Madrid. This showcase is an exceptional opportunity to explore the work of one of the most influential and renowned photographers on the African continent. Known as the “eye of Bamako,” Malik Sidibé captured the essence of life and culture in Mali during the 1960s and 1970s. Through his lens, he transports us to a historical moment when the country was undergoing significant social and cultural changes.

Leica Store Madrid (C/ Ortega y Gasset 34 28006 Madrid)

Summer Cinemas (all month)

Enjoy cinema under the stars at Madrid’s summer cinemas throughout the entire month of August! These outdoor screenings are the perfect way to indulge in the seventh art in a unique and refreshing experience. So, don’t miss the opportunity to live this one-of-a-kind experience during the entire month of August. Check the schedule of summer cinemas in Madrid and choose your favorite films.

  • La Bombilla – Fescinal
  • Cine Plaza Matadero
  • Cibeles de Cine 
  • La Terraza Magnética
  • Autocines Madrid
  • La Estival
  • Casa Museo Lope de Vega
  • Casa de México

Water Parks (all month)

Parque Warner Beach and Aquopolis are the perfect complement for adrenaline and excitement enthusiasts. With thrilling slides, wave pools, and interactive play areas, these water parks will take you to a world of unparalleled adventures. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for challenges or prefer to relax under the sun, they offer excellent options to escape the heat and create lasting memories.

Parque Warner Beach (28330 San Martín de la Vega, Madrid)

Aquopolis (Av. Dehesa, s/n, 28691 Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid)

Casa de Campo Lake – all month

Get ready with your towel, picnic, and a desire to relax, and come enjoy Casa de Campo Lake throughout the entire month of August. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of its waters, admire the beauty of its surroundings, and recharge your energy in this haven of peace in the heart of Madrid. Additionally, you can take a bike ride along the trails surrounding the lake, go jogging, or simply sit on one of the benches and contemplate the beauty of the environment.

Lago de la Casa de Campo (28011 Madrid)

Outdoor Symphony Concerts (all month)

The outdoor symphony concerts at the bandstand in Retiro Park are a treat for classical music enthusiasts and those who wish to immerse themselves in the beauty of renowned compositions. The charming and serene atmosphere of the park provides the perfect setting to appreciate music at its finest. An experience that combines the grandeur of classical music with the serenity of nature.

Templete del Parque de El Retiro (Pl. de Nicaragua, 12, 28009 Madrid)

Style Wars, by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant (August 5th, 10:00 PM)

This iconic documentary showcases life in the neighborhoods of New York, the rivalry between different graffiti groups, and the quest for identity and recognition through art. “Style Wars” is a window into a historical moment that defined a generation and shaped hip-hop culture and the graffiti movement worldwide. Save the date on your calendar and get ready for a cinematic experience that will transport you to the streets of 1970s New York.

La Casa Encendida (Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid)

“Mi Vida Loca”, by Allison Anders (August 26th, 10:00 PM)

“Mi Vida Loca” is an intimate documentary that follows the lives of a group of Latina women growing up in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Through their testimonies and personal experiences, the documentary shows us the complexities of their lives, their dreams, and the difficulties they face in a world dominated by violence and gangs. The documentary invites us to reflect on social barriers and inequalities.

La Casa Encendida (Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid)

“¿Qué he hecho para merecer esto!” by Pedro Almodóvar (August 19th, 10:00 PM)

La Casa Encendida gives us the opportunity to enjoy this cinematic gem and immerse ourselves in Almodóvar’s eccentric and colorful universe. With his vibrant visual style and bold narrative, the Spanish director invites us to reflect on social conventions and question established gender roles.

La Casa Encendida (Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid)


Enjoy this month with the plans proposed in our agenda, where month by month you will find plans of all kinds.

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