December 2023 agenda

This DECEMBER is packed with plans to enjoy the leisure time. Here you’ll find the best plans to enjoy this month in the city. Soundtracks, cinema, parties, theater, and more…

Take note and don’t miss out. Here we go!


Miki Nuñez (Madrid, December 2nd)

The talented Miki Nuñez, known for his participation in Operación Triunfo, brings his contagious energy to Madrid. This concert promises a fusion of styles ranging from catchy pop to emotional ballads. Ready to sing and dance with Miki?

Kitai (Madrid, December 16th)

Madrid will resonate with the power of Kitai’s rock. With their thoughtful lyrics and unique sound, this band promises a night full of intensity and strong emotions. A perfect concert for music lovers with a message.

Tribute to Queen at Four Hands (Málaga, December 1st)

Let the music of Queen fill the air in Málaga! This tribute, performed on a piano by four hands, immerses us in the musical legacy of the iconic British band. A unique experience to relive the classics of Freddie Mercury and company in a special format.

India Martínez (Málaga, December 7th)

The talented India Martínez brings her modern flamenco charm to Málaga. With her captivating voice, she promises a night full of emotions and melodies that will transport you to another dimension. Will you let yourself be enchanted by the magic of India Martínez?

The Other Side – Apink Floyd Live Experience (Madrid, December 17th)

If you’re a Pink Floyd fanatic, this event is for you. The Other Side recreates the live experience of Pink Floyd, taking you on a sensory journey through their timeless hits. A show that combines lights, sounds, and the unique essence of the legendary British band.

Morad (Málaga, December 17th)

The rap scene takes over Málaga with the talented Morad. With impactful lyrics and immersive rhythms, this concert promises to be a unique experience for fans of the genre. Morad arrives to put his personal touch on the Málaga music scene.

The Phantom of the Opera (Madrid, Throughout the month)

The magic of musical theater comes to Madrid with “The Phantom of the Opera”! A classic that has enchanted generations with its blend of romance and mystery. Enjoy this masterpiece that will be available throughout the month.

Sara Baras – Soul in Torremolinos (Málaga, December 15th)

For flamenco enthusiasts, Sara Baras presents “Alma” in Torremolinos. A fusion of dance, passion, and the essence of the south in a show that captures the magic of flamenco. A unique opportunity to experience the intensity of flamenco art in Málaga.

The Untold History of Jazz (Málaga, December 3rd)

Immerse yourself in the world of jazz with this event that promises to tell the history of the genre in a unique way. Málaga becomes the perfect stage to enjoy a musical evening full of improvisation and captivating rhythms.

The Nutcracker (Madrid, Throughout the month)

The magic of Christmas comes to life in Madrid with the classic “The Nutcracker”! A ballet that transports both young and old to a world of dreams and fantasy. Enjoy this production that will be on stage throughout the month, providing the perfect dose of Christmas charm.

Amazonia by Wengé (Málaga)

Dance to the rhythm of the latest music and the best mixes while sharing laughs and special moments with friends. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the party scene in the heart of Malaga. Get ready for an incredible night of non-stop dancing!

Bubbles Club (Málaga)

Are you looking for a night full of glamour and fun in Málaga? Bubbles Club is the ideal place. This club offers a unique experience with vibrant music and an atmosphere that will have you dancing until dawn. Get ready for an unforgettable night!

Única (Málaga)

Immerse yourself in Málaga’s gastronomic scene with “Única,” a restaurant offering a unique culinary experience. With fresh ingredients and authentic flavors, this place is perfect for those looking to delight their palate with an innovative gastronomic proposal.

Gabi (Málaga)

Discover at Gabi Restaurant a traditional maritime cuisine that blends fresh products of the highest quality. Immerse yourself in a coastal oasis of peace while savoring exquisite dishes and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea.

Chocolat (Madrid)

Chocolate lovers will find their paradise at Chocolat, a place that celebrates this delicacy in every possible form. This establishment in Madrid is the ideal destination to satisfy your cravings for good chocolate with churros.

Casa Suecia (Madrid)

Casa Suecia is more than a place; it’s a home, a unique gastronomic experience. Welcome to your home! Discover its cozy spaces, enjoy a curated wine cellar, and immerse yourself in the experience accompanied by exquisite music.

Salón des Fleurs (Madrid)

In the mood for a break surrounded by flowers and charm? Salón des Fleurs is a unique place in Madrid that combines coffee, flowers, and art. A cozy space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by the natural beauty of flowers.

Amazonia (Madrid, Throughout the month)

Immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest without leaving Madrid with the exhibition “Amazonia” by Sebastião Salgado. A visual experience that will transport you, showcasing the diversity of tribes and landscapes through the lens of the contemporary artist.

Batacoleando (Málaga, Throughout the month)

A temporary exhibition created by designer Manuel Fernández, where art, fashion, culture, tradition, and the latest digital technologies come together to bear witness to the power of fashion and art as tools for cooperation among different countries and cultures..

Museum of the Senses “Metonimia” (Málaga, Throughout the month)

Ready for a sensory journey? The Museum of the Senses “Metonimia” in Málaga is a place that awakens your curiosity and invites you to explore the world through your senses. An interactive experience that will make you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste in a unique way.

The Echo of Picasso (Málaga, Throughout the month)

Málaga, the birthplace of Picasso, pays homage to the genius with the exhibition “The Echo of Picasso.” Discover how the artist’s work has left an indelible mark on the city through different artistic and cultural expressions.

Frank Miller. Sin City 02. Would Kill for Her (Málaga, December 15th)

Comic and graphic novel enthusiasts have a date in Málaga with the exhibition by Frank Miller. Explore the second installment of “Sin City,” a work that redefines the noir genre with its unique visual style. An opportunity to immerse yourself in Miller’s dark and fascinating universe.

XII Santa Claus Charity Run (Madrid, December 24th)

Put on your best Christmas attire and join the XII Santa Claus Charity Run in Madrid! An opportunity to exercise both the body and the spirit of solidarity as you run dressed as Santa Claus through the streets of the city.

Gastronomic Market Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid, Throughout the month)

For lovers of good food, the Gastronomic Market at Nuevos Ministerios is a culinary paradise. Discover a variety of local and international delights, perfect for satisfying any gastronomic craving throughout the month.

Caminito del Rey (Málaga)

For adventure and nature enthusiasts, the Caminito del Rey offers a unique experience. With its suspended walkways along breathtaking gorges, this trail is perfect for those seeking a dose of excitement and spectacular views.

Excursion to Garganta El Saltillo and White Village (Málaga)

In the mood for a nature getaway? The excursion to Garganta El Saltillo and a picturesque White Village in the mountains of Málaga is the perfect escape. Enjoy the natural beauty and authenticity of the Andalusian white villages.

Christmas Markets (Madrid, Throughout the month)

Immerse yourself in the Christmas magic by exploring the markets that adorn the streets of Madrid throughout December. From festive decorations to unique gifts, these markets are the ideal place to enjoy the Christmas spirit and find special treasures.



Enjoy this month with the plans proposed in our agenda, where month by month you’ll find all kinds of plans.

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