Feria de Abril 2024 Sevilla


One of the most important events in Seville is coming, La Feria de Abril, visited every year by tourists from all of the world to enjoy the “casetas“, the good food and the “rebujito“. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the fair.

The origin of the Feria dates from 1846 when two councillors decided to bring back the Seville fairs, previously held in April and September.

In 1847 Queen Isabel II approved the celebration of a three-day fair in April, the purpose of which was to buy and sell livestock. On 18 April of the same year, the first fair was inaugurated in the Prado de San Sebastián, with 19 stands and was attended over 25,000 people.

The event was a great success and the traders had to request a bigger presence of police officers because the locals were flooding the area with singing and dancing, making it difficult for the traders to do their business.

Over the years, the fair lost its commercial character and became a festivity as we know it today, where the streets are full of colour and joy once a year and the Sevillians enjoy six days of festivities.

Actually every year, one or two weeks after Easter, the famous Feria de Abril takes place in Seville, which starts on Saturday with the well known ‘Alumbrado‘, where all the lights in the fairgrounds are turned on, and ends the following Saturday at 00:00 with a fireworks show.

Farolillos iluminados en el real de la feria de la feria de abril de sevilla

The celebrations are divided into three areas, El Real de la Feria, the Calle del Infierno and the car parks. The main activities take place in El Real de la Feria, a small city that is set up on a large esplanade and where the street lights illuminate its 15 streets distributed over 25 squares.

In the streets of the Real we can find the “casetas“, the space where the most important events of the festivities take place, where people eat, drink and dance. Most of the “casetas” are private and access is not allowed without invitation, but there are also public casetas for anyone who wants to enjoy “pescaito“, Iberian ham, “manzanilla” or “rebujito”.

Sevillano y sevillana a caballo en el real de la feria de sevilla

If you want to enjoy the spirit of the Feria de Abril without leaving Madrid, on the 22nd and 23rd of April at the Autocine Madrid Fever, 12 hours of celebration are waiting for you, where you will forget that you are in Madrid and you will feel like you are in the Real de Sevilla.

At the event organised by Rita’s Brunch by Martini you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the fair with live flamenco, equestrian dance and Sevillanas contest while you drink a good rebujito and enjoy a gastronomic offer designed for the occasion. The event will also be attended by some of the most popular DJs in the country such as DJ Barce or DJ Ballesteros and the Spanish group Andy y Lucas who were very popular during the 2000s.

Tickets for the event are now available on the Rita’s Brunch website and can be purchased from €15.

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