September Flipco’s favorites

Hello Coliver, we are back! In this edition we present you a collection of our latest discoveries and our favourites of the moment.


A serie

Ted Lasso (Season 2) – Apple Tv+

The endearing football coach Ted Lasso returns in the second season of this critically acclaimed comedy series. The story follows Ted’s journey as he tries to lead the AFC Richmond football team to success, all with his positive attitude and unique charisma. “Ted Lasso” is a series that blends humor and heart, making it a delight for lovers of heartwarming comedies.

La Casa de Papel – Netflix

The most famous Spanish heist series. The heist of the century, “La Casa de Papel” promises thrilling action, intrigue, and emotions running high as the characters fight for their freedom and one last big score.

Midnight Mass – Netflix

From the creators of “The Haunting of Hill House” comes “Midnight Mass,” a horror series that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story unfolds on a remote island where mysterious and supernatural events occur following the arrival of a new priest. With immersive storytelling and intriguing characters, “Midnight Mass” is a perfect choice for fans of psychological horror.


A film

Dune – HBO Max

Immerse yourself in a futuristic and desert world where noble houses vie for control of the universe’s most valuable resource: melange spice. “Dune,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, is an epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel. The film promises a stunning visual and narrative experience, with dazzling desert landscapes and charismatic characters.

The French Dispatch – Disney+

Wes Anderson returns with his distinctive visual style in “The French Dispatch.” The movie tells the extravagant stories of a fictional French newspaper and its team of writers. With an all-star cast and meticulous production design, “The French Dispatch” is a love letter to journalism and narrative creativity.

Last Night in Soho – Primer Video

Directed by Edgar Wright, “Last Night in Soho” is a psychological thriller that combines mystery with supernatural elements. The film follows a young woman who plunges into 1960s London through vivid dreams but uncovers dark secrets that challenge her sanity. Get ready for a haunting and suspenseful journey through the city streets.


A bar

El Tigre Sidra Bar (C. de las Infantas, 23, 28004 Madrid)

This iconic bar is known for its generous free tapas with the purchase of a drink. El Tigre is famous for its ample portions, especially its patatas bravas. It’s a lively and bustling place, perfect for those seeking an authentic and affordable experience in Madrid.

Cervecería La Sureña (Av. de Felipe II, 34, 28009 Madrid)

This place is famous for its offer of beer buckets and mountains of tapas at reasonable prices. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, such as calamari, croquettes, and Russian salad, accompanied by cold beer. It’s an excellent choice for sharing with friends.

Bar Melo’s (C. del Ave María, 44, 28012 Madrid)

If you’re looking for authentic Spanish cuisine at an affordable price, this is an excellent choice. This bar offers a wide selection of tapas and traditional Spanish dishes in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Madrid.


A book

Klara y el Sol –  Kazuo Ishiguro

This acclaimed author presents a science fiction novel that reflects on artificial intelligence and human nature through the story of Klara, a self-aware artificial intelligence. The work explores profound themes while offering a moving and evocative narrative.

Una Educación – Tara Westover

This heartwarming memoir has become an international bestseller. Tara Westover recounts her life in an extremely religious family in the mountains of Idaho and her struggle to obtain a formal education. It’s a powerful story of overcoming obstacles and seeking freedom through knowledge.

El ruido del tiempo – Julian Barnes

This historical novel narrates the life of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich in the Soviet Union under Stalin’s regime. Julian Barnes explores the complexity of the relationship between art and political power through Shostakovich’s experience, as he fought to maintain his creative integrity in an oppressive environment. It’s a profoundly reflective work with brilliant prose that invites contemplation of artistic freedom and resistance in challenging times.


A plan

Mama Pottery Café

Mama Pottery is a charming creative space in Madrid that combines two passions: the art of ceramics and a love for coffee. Paint and decorate everything from plates and cups to figurines and home decorations. You have the freedom to unleash your creativity while socializing and relaxing in a cozy atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a creative and inspiring afternoon.


Here, you can unleash your creativity while enjoying unlimited wine. Painting workshops are led by professional artists who will help you create your masterpiece, even if you have no prior painting experience.

Pinta tu menina en el Museo Velázquez Tech Museum

Participants can immerse themselves in the world of art and history while creating their own interpretation of this iconic portrait. With the help of digital tools and expert guidance, you can bring your own vision to life in an enriching and educational environment within the museum.


A nightclub

El Doblón

A nightclub with an intimate and cozy atmosphere known for its Mediterranean-style decor and varied music. It offers different settings for live music, DJ sessions, and live performances. It’s known for its relaxed and friendly style, ideal for those looking for a quieter and less crowded experience.

Honky Tonk Bar

Although primarily known as a rock bar, Honky Tonk Bar also hosts a small but vibrant dance floor in its basement. This place offers a wide variety of live music, from classic rock to blues and funk. It’s a perfect spot for live music enthusiasts looking for a unique nightlife experience in Madrid.

Costello Club

Hidden in the Malasaña neighborhood, Costello Club is a nightclub and concert venue that often flies under the radar. Despite its modest size, this place hosts live performances by emerging bands and DJ sessions spanning genres like indie, rock, and alternative music. It’s an intimate and authentic space that attracts a diverse audience in search of live music and a different party experience.


We hope that our favorites are as enjoyable to you as they are to us!

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