Why coliving?

As the real estate market got more and more competitive and damaged by covid, owners need alternative strategies to achieve attractive yields. We can provide outstanding return rates while keeping risk low.

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Long term lease

7 to 15 years under fixed rent (or master lease contract with higher upside)

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One tenant

Eiminate operational workload with our turn key platform. We handle all the complaints with the colivers.

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Management contract: for those who opt to get the highest returns in an alternative real estate market.

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Cleaning and maintenance teams dedicated to ensure properties’ optimal conditions.

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Up to +50%

Increase your NOI. Never worry again about tenants not paying the rent or having empty properties.

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Property value

Let our curated designers take your property to the next level.

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We envision that single young adults that are digital nomads, professionals or MBA students will live 80% of that period in a coliving facility. Our mission is to provide the best coliving experience while letting our partners get the most predictable returns in the market as well as real peace of mind.

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We are rapidly scaling our operations through online acquisition as well as fantastic recommendation rates due to the enormous NPS values we are achieving with our added value strategy that relies on the creation of a solid brand that goes beyond housing inspiring a new way of living.

We will maximize your properties’ NOI by redesigning them to be leased and operated  through our own coliving platform built specifically for the new paradigm in housing rentals, allowing you to increase revenues by up to 50%.

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Turn key solution

We offer our development services at no cost when partnering up with us for a purpose built building. We’ll create a distinguished property specifically conceived to lead the cultural change towards shared living as a standard for young adults.

We are looking at properties of 500+ sqm up to 10.000 sqm depending on the city where they are located.

Easy access to public transportation, walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants will be required.

Our services can go from any point of land hunting, negotiating, developing, designing, construction management to operating the property.

Maria Jose Sevilla - Argis
“Flipco helped making the switch towards coliving a no brainer. Our properties are now worth more!”

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